Sunday, 14 October 2012

Savage Mind


Neu Electrikk – Savage Mind: - Extract from an impromptu improvised ‘jam’. Session recorded in 1978 – Steve James Sherlock – Sax/Wasp Synth/Voice, Stefan Jadd – Guitar/Noise/Tapes/Voice, Nick Hunt – Bass guitar/Tapes, Dee Sebastian – Voice/Synth, Barry Deller – Percussion. Neu Electrikk constructed their music largely through collective spontaneous composition often sampling themselves, in the studio and editing the sounds into the music. Free form sessions were often heralded as chaotic affairs whereby the band would create and develop new ideas. The band would experiment with time signatures and instrument tunings, often the instruments were ‘prepared’ – guitars played with a copper pipe or hammered with a drum stick, a drum played inside a cardboard box. The resultant cacophonous din would somewhat veer between harmony and mayhem. The music was never intended for public consumption. Neu Electrikk frequently went off into long periods of improvisation during their live set.

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